Sunday, July 29, 2012

The most uncommon of the senses.

In a classic example of common sense, whilst recovering from a badly strained calf I have entered the Melbourne Marathon.

Normally, due to my penchant for injury under large kilometre training, I don't enter the marathon until as late as possible. This year I wanted to take advantage of the cheaper early bird entry fees which close today.

I was way ahead in training, but this calf strain put me back a couple of weeks. That said, if I can have a clear block of training from here to the event I will be fine. If I can run the Sandy Point Half in a few weeks time, it will be of great benefit and if I can do it in 90 - 95 mins then I will be right on track.

It's a bit of a catch 22, train early and hard and my performance should be better. But lots of kilometres at a high intensity almost guarantees something will break on me. I'm hoping the calf strain will be it and I will have enough common sense not to push too hard over the next couple of weeks while it finishes healing. I don't like my odds.