Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hiding and donuts

So I went hiddey for a little while as there was a chance some work people may stumble past.

Hi Cam!!!

Now I think I have sufficiently sanitised things I can stick my head back up.

Not that I have much to say anyway. Running is going well, weight is right down and kms are right up. Doing 60-70kms per week with my long run at about 34kms. Should really be doing about 90kms per week but I reckon I would be permanently injured if I tried. Still I have the best chance ever to run a sub 3:30 marathon, provided I can handle the last 5kms. Anything sub 3:40 will still be a success.

If you are trying to drop a few kgs (Havock I am looking at you) try MyFitnessPal. Helps you track your daily calorie intake and the barcode scanner hasn't failed me yet. It has kept me down to 1 donut a day which makes it some kind of miracle app.

Plenty going on on the work front, was in Newcastle last week and will be in Brissie the first week of October for a couple of days. Did some leadership training that was quite interesting and gives another perspective on the leaders within the company. Didn't get to mention my King of the World ideas during the training, maybe in the followup session.

Ok, that's enough procrastinating from study, better get back to it. Got to get up early and get into the gym before work, loving having an on-site gym at work.