Saturday, November 23, 2013

Train hard, race ......... Also hard

So I have been building my training steadily since March. It has reached the point where I can tolerate 9 sessions a week without getting sick, 3 swims, 3 rides and 3 runs.

It looks something like this on a typical week:

- 6AM Swim 2km
- lunch 8.4 km run

- 7am 40 min ride on spin bike in gym holding heart rate between 140-150

- 6AM Swim 2km
- lunch 8.4 km run or 6-8 kms high intensity intervals on treadmill

- 40 mins high intensity intervals on spin bike in gym, 2 mins on 1 min off

- 6am swim 2km plus a little bit if I have time

- 6:30am 24km hill run or 7:30am 11km intense hill run

- 100km hill ride or 120km Beach rd ride

Now that Ironman is 121 days away, I have to work out how to take things to the next level without adding too much training time.

I need more swimming pace, might have to do some stroke correction and maybe some squads.
I need to do more riding at a steady effort on flatter roads.
I need to run off long rides to get used to the feeling of running on tired legs.

All this training has transformed me physically. I have only a few kgs but have dropped my body fat percentage drastically.

So things aren't going to bad, just have to work out how to step up a level.