Monday, January 11, 2010

Moet Christmas!

So I was officially redundant on the 24/12. Merry Christmas!

I had about 6 months of contract work lined up, which would have paid nicely but been a bit of a headfk.

So when I got the call at about 10am on the 24th, from a major luxury car manufacturer offering me a job, I rolled into Christmas a relaxed man with a nice big redundancy payout in the bank.

Christmas came and went through the bottom of a couple of bottles of Moet, then off to Phillip Island with some friends for a holiday and NYE. A small holiday apartment with 4 adults and 3 kids under 3 is not ideal, but a couple more bottles of Moet and 3 slabs of Boags sorted that out.

Last week was supposed to be a relaxing final holiday before kicking into the new job. Lots was planned, but the little monster got ill with a nasty fever so the week was pretty much a write-off. The only thing we did was watch Avatar at 8:30pm last Sunday night.

Work looks like it is going to be interesting, most importantly they have a REALLY IMPRESSIVE cafeteria. Now I just have to negotiate myself a company car.