Monday, August 31, 2009

My foot hurts!

Been a busy few days which ending with me doing something quite out of character and sleeping from about 2pm to 6pm last Sunday. It started with the burger dinner Thursday night, then followed up with a Red Bull fuelled assignment submission Friday night and closed out with JP’s book launch Saturday arvo/night.

None of the nights were really what I would consider late nights, but I have been a bit flat lately and sleeping poorly, so I guess it all finally caught up with me Sunday arvo.

One of the things that has been leaving me a bit flat has been a distinct lack of exercise over the last 6 weeks or so. As Havock kindly pointed out over at the cheeseburger, I have hit 100kgs thanks to a complete lack of exercise and a diet that would shame even Moko’s goats. The exercise issue is due to an injury I have picked up. I was actually started to ramp things up, doing additional running outside of footy, with a mind to running this year’s Melbourne Marathon, then started to get pain from what I thought was a bruised heel. I didn’t worry much about it until during a game of footy, while sprinting to a contest, I felt something move in my heel and then a sharp, nasty pain. I had an acute case of planter fasciitis. In layman’s terms, I had a tear in the tissue that runs from my heel to the ball of my foot and makes up the arch of your foot.

This is not the first time I have had planter fasciitis. I had a mild case a few years ago, but was able to stretch it out through a couple of long, slow runs. This time there is a tear rather than a strain and it is taking forever to heal. It’s been 6 weeks and it still feels like it is going to snap every time I move quicker than a walk.

I hate not being able to run. I have been running regularly for over 10 years now and with the way I eat it is the only way to keep my weight respectable. It is also a great way to wind down. Unlike many, I don’t listen to music when I run and I try to think as little as possible (yes that is easy for me to do), it becomes almost meditative, particularly on a long run.

Hopefully I will be able to hit the road again soon, I’ve got my eye on a little run in May 2010 called the Great Ocean Road Marathon. If I can make that and run the 42.2 in under 3.30 hrs I will never need to run another marathon.


  1. Jesus mate, that's no good. Look after yourself. Could you switch to a bike in order to reduce the impact on the joints? Not likely to make much difference to this particular injury but it all adds up on aging bones.

    Great Ocean Rd marathon sounds great... on a Ducati 1198S. Or even a Vespa. Just NOT on two legs.

  2. Maybe swimming would be an alternative. Methinks Mrs Naut needs to be administering lots of sympathetic foot rubs!

  3. Yeah I hate it when something keeps me from working out. I feel like a total fat ass in less than a week and I use the time to "center" as well so I get where you're coming from. Would an elipitical be too much pressure on it?

    I had fasciitis back when I was flippin' HUGE. It hurt just standing up in the morning sometimes.

  4. Sore paw? Not good.
    I can understand frustration in not being able to do something you love. Make sure you give yourself time to heal properly no matter how much it drives you bat crazy. The other option is permanently injured and I wouldn't wish that on an enemy.

  5. The Better Half had that a few years back, which put an end to her running season (she does a lot of 5k runs). Swimming and biking are both good exercises. It will, as you know, heal. But there's a few months of rehab in between. Good luck!! Don't envy you.

  6. Doc - A bike is better because no impact but it still stretches the foot. I've done the GOR on a Yamaha RD350LC and it was GOOD!

    Nat - No pool near me, they are going to build one which should be done in about 2 years. Will pass on your suggestion to Mrs Naut.

    Heidi - An elipitical would be better, but still stretch it. Classic fasciitis symptom is morning pain when the foot is cold. Like everything you can get it mild through to acute.

    DD - Pretty safe with this one. One of the treatments is to break/cut the planter fascia as you don't really need it. There is a story that Robert Harvey (AFL player) had it and he continually jumped off his kitchen table onto a hard floor until it snapped and then played on. I would do the same except no-one is paying me hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it.

    YD - Yeah it sucks. The problem with cycling is that I really need to ride for at least 2 hours to get something out of it. Can't really find 2 hours at the moment.

  7. Jesus planter fasciitis, my dad had that its not fun. If its any consolation he was able eventually to get back to his running and was running sub 3hr marathons in his 60s.

  8. Your old man must have been quite some runner. Breaking 3 hrs is great, doing it in your 60s is brilliant. Respect to your Dad!

    I doubt I will ever break 3 hrs. I have the speed but the klms needed in training to maintain it for 42klms would have me rolling from one injury to the next. I will be happy breaking 3:30hrs.

  9. Not good mate, as to not needed I'd take with a grain of salt, the medicos have been telling us that for a long time. Basically we don't know what it does so it's safe to remove.
    PS welcome to the ton club, may your stay be brief.

  10. You'll be right just stop contributing to the colonels retirement fund...

    It'll take a while to heal up but if you don't lose a few kg's it'll take longer.

  11. Marathon = Crazy!

    Hope it heals quickly and well