Thursday, October 8, 2009

Magnum P.I. wants you!

I put a bit of a call out on facebook and twitter for interested parties to join a Movember team.

I can't say I was flooded with support, but there were a couple of interested parties.

As I need very little encouragement to go off on self-indulgent adventures, I have started a Movember team called The Magnum P.I. Allstars.

So I am calling on you to join the team, if you don't want to grow a mo then donate! If you already have a mo then shave the bastard off and start again, call it spring cleaning! If you can't grow a Magnum worthy mo, fear not, I am still waiting for puberty to kick in!

I am going to donate $20 to Big Bad Al (not to him personally, just to his membership if you know what I mean) if he signs on.

So join! Donate! Whatever! Just don't disappoint Magnum, no one wants to see a disappointed Magnum.
** UPDATE **
If you want to join the team (you don't have to grow a mo to be a team member, ladies I am talking to you), go here:


  1. That's an interesting idea-and a good one. We don't have anything like that here, but maybe we should. A bit tapped out at the moment, but if it's all right I'll check out our equivalent (if any) in the States for dealing with these issues and slip them a few dollars.

  2. Well I'll match it if I can keep mine!

  3. I have a steampunk party in early December that would be much improved by a moustache... Thinking about it.

  4. YD - Understandable, but if you are light on you can be part of the team by growing the mo. No cash required, you might even be able to earn some extra using the mo to get you a job moonlightnig as a pool cleaner!

    Bangar - Deal!

    Bart - Would be thrilled to have you on the team.

    Magnum loves you folks!

  5. I have tried for years to grow a mo.. it just wont happen..
    I may donate if you all let me know where and what and when and whatever...

    Can I grow the hairs on me legs instead.. o hang on.. thats just gross..


  6. Hey Redhead, glad you can't grow a mo, for the best really. Forget the leg hair, grow the armpit hair and you could attempt a comb-over mo.

    If you want to donate, click on the The Magnum P.I. Allstars hyperlink above to go to the team page or copy and past this link

    Also Redhead you can join the team even without growing a mo, just go to the following to join

  7. Will pass on the mo I think but will try and donate.

    Is JP on the team?

  8. Gunna send him and email and see. Hopefully.

  9. Done. Just you and me so far buddy.

  10. Will sign up. Look for the bastard with the least imaginative name in Anglo-Celtic history. Thanks parentals.

  11. Good work Al, I donated to you as promised.

    Cheers Barnes.

    Welcome aboard Doc.

    Steve it's close but worse!

  12. This is peculiar because for years I've said that if I DIDN'T wax my mo, I'd look like Magnum P.I. or the more obscure Lee Horsley.

    I'd be glad to donate my wax leavin's!

  13. I looked up Lee Horsley and am surprised he never made an appearance on Magnum.

    If I thought I would look like Magnum, I would never shave.