Monday, January 11, 2010

Moet Christmas!

So I was officially redundant on the 24/12. Merry Christmas!

I had about 6 months of contract work lined up, which would have paid nicely but been a bit of a headfk.

So when I got the call at about 10am on the 24th, from a major luxury car manufacturer offering me a job, I rolled into Christmas a relaxed man with a nice big redundancy payout in the bank.

Christmas came and went through the bottom of a couple of bottles of Moet, then off to Phillip Island with some friends for a holiday and NYE. A small holiday apartment with 4 adults and 3 kids under 3 is not ideal, but a couple more bottles of Moet and 3 slabs of Boags sorted that out.

Last week was supposed to be a relaxing final holiday before kicking into the new job. Lots was planned, but the little monster got ill with a nasty fever so the week was pretty much a write-off. The only thing we did was watch Avatar at 8:30pm last Sunday night.

Work looks like it is going to be interesting, most importantly they have a REALLY IMPRESSIVE cafeteria. Now I just have to negotiate myself a company car.


  1. Congrats on the new job! Very exciting stuff ... especially with respect to the cafeteria.

    Need to update my Aussie to Seppo dictionary ... what is a "slab of Boags"?

  2. Yeah absolutely awesome on the new gig. Well done.

    Rhino - 'slab of Boags' = a 24-pack of Tassie's finest brewing win.

  3. Congratulations Naut, and good to see you back, though I have to admit I was a little taken aback to find you on Twitter given you explicitly warned me off the "evil" place.

  4. Nice! Losing one job and sliding right into another. Well done! And good to hear given the state of the economy.

  5. Kudo's mate, helluva nice present! So when you say "luxury" I automatically think FORD but I'm sure that I'm the only one who suffers from that affliction.

  6. Onya Naut. Love it when a plan comes together.

  7. Spent NYE at Phillip Island waiting for the penguins.

    At 9.00pm they arrived as did the rain, thunder and lightning. Was truely awesome.

    Glad to hear about your work situation (someone finding work is always good news).

  8. A tidy effort sir.
    Nice to have your value recognised, specially after the old mob's decision to offload you.
    Hope it's not a Falcon (rip) project.

    Rhino a slab is an ASA (Aust Standards Assoc.) certified serving size. 4 healthy blokes can knock one over in about 20 minutes without trying too hard.

  9. Now that's how to do things. FKN AWSM dude!
    Seriously, well done. That's a top score, pour yourself another drink mister Naut and one for the green frog while you are at it.

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