Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crappest! Post! Ever!

Still stupidly busy. I am skipping footy this week to get stuck into an assignment due Friday week. If I really get into trouble I will also take Thursday/Friday off work next week to get it done. I spend so much time driving to and from work I have no time left to study during the week.

We are still discussing whether to sell the house on not. I will have about a month in June/July to prep the house for sale, but the real question is do we sell? It's a long discussion that leads round and round in circles. Here is a property I like, cheap, lots of land and being close to the Hume it is as not as far out of the city as it seems.

Just in case anyone isn't aware, I won Simon Bedak's footy tipping last week which I believe adequately demonstrates my superiority over all humanity.

Pretty crappy update for someone that has just claimed to be so fantastic, but lack of sleep and stress will do that to ya! So remember, if you think you are creepy looking, at least you are not Ben Stiller!


  1. "I won Simon Bedak's footy tipping last week which I believe adaquetly demonstrates my superiority over all humanity."

    But not over spellchekinge?

    Do not sell your house. It is a bastard of a thing. You will have to deal with numpties, muppets, arseclowns, dodgy operators, corrupt Martha Farquars, and real estate agents.

    Who the hell voted 'No' for Lerm as Face in the A Team movie?

  2. Thank God. Thought it was gonna be a photo of a shit.

  3. Dr Yobbo - Damn you, I forgot. Selling a house sounds just like work, only with real estate agents instead of used car salespeople. There are 6 no votes and they make no sense to me. He could also be Rick if they make a Magnum movie.

    Moko - Might have to put a picture of a cake in instead.

  4. NAH, not rick, hes short, bet the remaining attributes..mmmm yeah!.

    And people bag da fuck outta my typing, spellin ma skills.sheeeez, thak F for spell check, hey!. Pussy, bed early, its gotta be midnight in sheep land and he' still up!. oh, hey, I now know why...hehe.. ok.

  5. Here's a potential entry:

    Think up all TV series since the dawn of TV that had a good-looking sidekick who got the laydeez, and suggest which ones Lermontov would best be suited. Then, we have a poll to determine which one he could be.

    For example: Joey Tribiani from Friends (you know you want to see Lerm go "How YOU doin'?)

    Or Coupling (Patrick, of course).

    etc etc etc.

  6. Warney called - he thinks that you are fantastic - even with a lack of sleep!

  7. H - Lets see how you go if you end up driving an hour + each way to work!

    Steve - Needs to be a bit more specific, it needs to be a good looking sidekick who got the laydeez and has the veneer of culture and class but in reality has poor morals and weak ethics. Therefore Lerm could never be Joey, as Joey has no culture or class and some degree of morals.

    Lerm - That's why Warney makes the ultimate God, he thinks I'm great no matter what I do (he has done worse) as opposed to Gods that tell you that you are going to hell if you put a foot out of line.

  8. If you get that place you could get some goats and post pictures of them. I know this guy called Moko who owns some goats, he could give you advice. And suggest names for them.
    Lerm - I voted no because I thought it was degrading.

  9. Well, that means Lermontov as "Patrick from Coupling" is still in the running.

    Sam Malone from "Cheers"?

    Charlie Sheen's character from Two and a Half Men.

    Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Anyone else picturing Lerm saying, "It will be legen.....wait for it....dary."?

  10. Dr Y and Naut, and RE agents are bad because?

    Naut, seriously if you're not fully prepared to sell it might not be a good time to do so. Do you reckoen your place is worth under 500K cus thats the only way you're going to get any real interest at the mo.

  11. Therbs - NO GOATS (curry contents excepted). I assume you mean degrading to the character of Face.

    Steve - Don't know Patrick but Sam Malone is not cultured enough. Charlie Sheen is nearly there, but Jennicki, The Good Lady Naut and myself all agree that Barney is spot on.

  12. Chazf - They are better than used car salesmen (just).

    If we got 500K I would sell right now. That's part of the reason for selling, we get good money for our place and the next level up is as attainable as it ever will be.

  13. I have since youtubed Barney Stinson (I've never caught the show) - I find his morals very appealing!

  14. He has a book out The Bro Code and his own blog .

  15. I have added it to my blog roll - we are never to old to learn!

  16. Naut, try searching YouTube for clips of Coupling, specifically those with Patrick.

    Let's put it this one episode, they're at a sex shop, and there's a dildo called "The Patrick" that was actually modeled after the character's doogan. Sleezy, yet classy, and wears a suit constantly. You have to look for the BBC version, the American copy was complete crap.

    I'm guessing Ron Burgundy would be too over the top, right? Couldn't you see Lerm having a bottle of Sex Panther in his medicine cabinet?

  17. Steve it sounds like Patrick may well fit the bill, I will have to do the research you have suggested. You are right Ron Burgundy, too over the top which would just be taking the piss out of Lerm and we don't want to do that. Do we?

  18. No, not at all....however, it would be cool to see Lermontov give the "wink and a gun" once, and say, "Stay Classy (insert city here)".