Sunday, May 10, 2009

The film of the TV series, of the book, of the play, of the comic, of the car, of the fish, of the .....

There is a fair bit of interest around the traps about the new Star Trek film, I'm not a massive fan of the series but even I am tempted to go have a look.

All this Star Trek talk got me thinking, how often has a popular TV series gotten made into a series of films that has been as or more successful as the TV series? There are plenty of examples of movies being turned into TV series, Stargate is the first one I think of, but it's harder to come up with any that were a TV series first.

I am trying, but I just can't come up with any other TV series that has done it.

In other news, I am making progress on assignment# 2 and we are debating whether to sell the house as houses around us are selling 2 days after listing.


  1. Can't think of too many movies series spawned from TV - a couple of single movies is all I can come up with

  2. Nope, I can't think of any either plenty of tv series made into films but never the other way around.

  3. the muppet movies

    superman - series in the 50's,popular as hell. then Christopher Reeve's first couple

  4. Ummmm there's Charlie's Angels, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Dukes of Hazzard and the biggest of all - Mission Impossible.

  5. Superman and Batman are about the only two and they were comixs first.

    But remember you are drawing on a very small pool. How many successful movie franchises are there since you ask about 'made into a series of films'.

    Obviously Star Wars; Aliens, Predator, Bond, Trek of course, Terminator, Dirty Harry, Nightmare on Elm street, Friday the 13, Halloween there are probably more but the pool is pretty small.

  6. Incredible Hulk....doubt if it was more popular, but all I could come up with.

    Spider Man!, Fo Sho. The movies were WAY more epic than the cartoon.

  7. Lerm/Mr Stu - same here.

    Uamada - Muppet movies is a great one and Superman fits the bill.

    Lou - Dukes of Hazzard was one crap movie, unless they are making another. Monty Python is hard to pay because it is kind of an extended sketch show. The other two fit the bill.

    Barnesm - Batman is another.

    Moko - Hulk and Spiderman count. So it is mostly comics to tv to movies.

  8. I got zilch to add, except to say I want to see a series of movies based on "Puzzle Play".

  9. Firefly spawned Serenity, but Firefly was canceled before it had a chance.

  10. I just wanted to congratulate you for winning the footy tipping!

  11. Therbs - Huh? Is that the kid's tv thing?

    bangarrr - Is that just a single film at the moment?

    Lerm - As well you should, I am great!

  12. Two days?!?!? Around here these days it usually takes close to a year or more on average to get a house sold.

  13. Yep, the one directly across the road from us was under offer 2 days after listing. To be fair I think the offer fell through as it is 3 days later and a sold sticker hasn't gone up. The one up the road was under offer inside 2 weeks.

    This is why we are keen to sell, this is a high demand in our location and price range. That's the beauty of australia at the moment, we still have a shortage of affordable housing.

  14. Yep, the kid's thing with Kellyn Morris. Don't knock Kell, she's fine and I'm sure she could do a feature movie.