Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An homage of sorts

I have a short break between the end of my assignment and preparing for my exam, so I thought I would celebrate with a quick post.

This post is an homage to Steve and his number plate collecting apprentice Lermontov. I spotted this beauty on the way home from work. It was dark and raining, hence the crappy photo.

The car is a Toyota Hilux Dual Cab SR5 ute and the plate is PSTAGN which I assumed meant PISSED AGAIN. I couldn't really see the driver through the tinted windows, but I did catch a glimpse that made me think it was a blond woman.

The fact that they are advertising that they are performing an illegal activity suggests that they may indeed be blonde.

So to Steve, mate this one is for you!

*** UPDATE *** To international readers, "pissed" in Australia generally means drunk rather than angry.


  1. lol Clever one....but yeah, asking for trouble.

  2. Nice work with the photography there Tony! A truly inspirational number plate that anybody would be proud of. She may well be the future Mrs Lermontov

  3. Surprised it got through the TAC fun police. Great photo!

  4. Seems like every 3rd vehicle in Illinois has a vanity or customized plate. I prefer my nice, anonymous, state-issued number/letter combination.

  5. You know, it could also be PASSED AGAIN, indicating either you are getting passed (again) by a motor vehicle, or the driver's pregnancy test came back negative (again).

  6. Oh, and in Illinois, vanity plates do not cost more than regular plates, as long as there is a number in the plate. Both my aunt and uncle in northern Illinois have vanity plates. YD is right, it's about every third vehicle.

  7. Moko - agreed.

    Lerm - If I see her again, I will pass her your email address.

    Dr Yobbo - Yeah it surprised me too.

    YD - Yep, I don't want people remembering my number when I cut them off.

    Steve - Nah, passed again would be PSDAGN with no T. Ah that explains their commoness, over here you do pay extra for personalised plates.

  8. You pay extra in most states. Only a few like Virginia, Illinois and New Hampshire don't have an extra fee. In New Jersey, you pay dearly for the right to look like an asshole...and people do!

  9. The police would certainly show no mercy with those plates.