Thursday, June 25, 2009

Roger the Dodger and Tour de Frog

Well Roger finally came through with the good and I have my suit back. I must have been a big lad when I brought it, because even after alteration it still doesn't sit quite right.

The jacket has been brought in at the waist as much as it can, but it still looks to me like it needs some material out of the front of it as well. Although the front in profile looks ok. The pants now fit around the waist, but my legs and arse are still swimming in material. I don't think the cut of this suit suited me right from the start and I guess all the alterations in the world aren't going to fix that.

I will probably give myself a week to think and then take one of my new, better fitting suits to Roger to be altered. Photos will follow when I have time to get the camera out.

In other news, the start of the Tour de France is fast approaching and it could be one of the most interesting years ever. There are so many questions:

  • Can Carlos Sastre go back to back?
  • Does Armstrong still have what it takes?
  • The Astana team will be strong, but will having Levi, Lance and Contador all in the same team hurt them?
  • Will Cadel benefit from having less attention focused on him?
  • Menchov won the Giro, will that hurt him in the Tour?
  • What will the Schleck bros get up to?
  • Which team will be dominant on the tough climbs?
  • Michael Rodgers has a good team and has become a very good tour rider, can he figure highly in the final standings and maybe even win?

The make-up of the teams is making this a really tough tour for me to predict. Astana looks really strong and Armstrong has that rare ability to get the team to go above and beyond for him, but what if he doesn't end up as team leader?

No sleep in July for me.


  1. No
    Not enough to avoid choking like a choky thing
    First and third, unless WADA get 'em first
    Them batshit insano Basque fullahs

    Take it to the TAB, it's money in the bank.

  2. Yeah those Schleck boys looked pretty awesome last year and this year they don't have to worry about carrying Sastre.

    So which one, Frank or Andy?

  3. Ohhhhh..... Frank? Either Menchov or Cadel 2nd. Menchov if his legs don't give out, Cadel if his head doesn't give out. Mick Rogers for another fighting seventh or a messy retirement off one of the cols Brad McGee style. Druggo Boonen for another Green unless WADA say otherwise. Failing that Robbie Mac.

    Mate of mine spent much of her recent Europe holiday visiting TDF climbs with hubby and gobbing on the Schleck signage on the road. She's a class act that one. Croatian via Tasmania.

  4. Tour through FROG central at this time of year, spesh when those efin fuckwads that take banned shit are on the fucking looooose should be in a VU or HQ V8 ute with a FIVE FUCKING POST BULL BAR!.


  5. Doc - Is Robbie riding this year? I know he has had a run of injuries so if he is I wouldn't expect much. Don't forget Contador, he has had a very good preparation.

    H - Classic Havock, love it!

  6. I've got ZERO fricken chance of catching the cheese eating surrender monkey bike race so I have no opinion to offer.

  7. Andy Schleck FTW!

    Pleased to hear that Rodger came through with the goods. It is difficult to take material from the front of the jacket with darts; if the jacket is undarted, it is impossible. Hopefully Rodger took some from the back-centre seam too.

    The arse/crutch can be taken in and the legs can be tapered. You'll just have to do a cost benefit analysis on it. Look fwd to the photos!

  8. Moko - I heroically sacrifice my work performance so that I can spectate properly.

    Lerm - He might be worth a couple of bucks to back.

    I think the jacket was just a cheap, boxy cut that doesn't suit me. Roger took some from the back centre seam and the sides I think. It definately fit better, but I think the AS jackets fit better straight OTR.

    You are spot on with the cost/benefit analysis on the trousers. It just doesn't work, if they were brand new I might consider it, but they have already seen a bit of wear.

  9. Well at least it is better than it was! Try and take a photo of your new suit pre-alteration and then post. It'll be handy for working out what you want to get done to the next one. I'm off to see that fool Terry, this arvo.

  10. Yeah it is better and I might try and get a photo of one of the new suits this weekend.

    Good luck with Tezza, give him a backhander from me!