Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Super Naut

I quite liked this film as a small kid.

I may even use this to make myself a super t-shirt.

Ps. The bird is and always will be the word.


  1. I flip you the Bird because the Bird IS the word!

  2. Now I've got that bloody song in my head!

    That T-Shirt shop opens up so many possibilities

  3. This proves that wearing black socks and track shoes will get you nowhere.

  4. Jen - Word!

    BBA - The GLN has already tried that one. I sent her an SMS that read "Bird! Word!" and got the reply "I give u the bird!". I plan to send her one today saying "Have you heard?".

    Lerm - You say that like having the song in your head would be a bad thing. I don't think I want to see any t-shirts you have designed.

    Steve - It does indeed. Although I still maintain that white sports socks with a suit is acceptable.

  5. Saw the title and assumed you meant this

    Disappointed now. Leaving.

  6. Naut, I'll give you that, but can we all agree that socks with thong flip-flops should result in a tasing?

  7. Dr Yobbo - sucked in!!!!

    Steve - Agreed and you can add socks with sandels to the list. The only way you can tell English immigrants is that they wear socks with sandels.

  8. Here's the funny thing....students at the University of Wisconsin wear socks with Birkenstock sandals. Mind you, they do this when they attend class in February while wearing shorts, with 3 feet of snow on the ground and they're wearing shorts. In a case like that, I won't begrudge them for wearing socks.

    This may make UW seem like a stupid place to attend university, but I am very familiar with the school, and not only is it an excellent university but it's an unbelievable way to spend 4-6 years drunk off your arse.

    But for normal, sober humans, then yes, no socks with Jerusalem Cruisers.