Monday, June 22, 2009

See, I can type more than 140 characters

Just a quick post to prove that I can still type things longer than 140 characters.

Uni is over for Semster 1 and I think I did enough in the exam to get at least the credit I need if not a distinction. Subject for next semester is I.T. Management and so should be a bit airy fairy and almost impossible to fail (watch me now fail it).

Football is going appallingly, we are in a new competition this season and it is a massive step up. We have also been decimated by injuries, no shows and people going overseas. We are going that bad that I have played in the seniors and I am far to old for that!

We have decided we probably won't sell the house. Dad has been drawing plans for us to put in a second toilet and move the laundry, but I am not sure I can bring myself to spend the money on that.

We have been flat out, so we have done next to no socialising and I actually fell asleep in front of the TV on Sunday arvo. I haven't done that for ages.

That's about it for the moment, except that I am picking up my old charcol pin-stripe suit from Roger the Tailor this arvo. If he has done well I will give him one of my new suits to adjust. I am going to look like a million bucks, even if I am worth about $1.36.


  1. Can't wait to hear how Roger goes - best wishes with that!

  2. Sold to the cat with the lime on it's head.

    Lerm - I am heading down there in about 30 mins and am quite excited. I may have to wear it home like my brother and I used to with new shoes when we were kids.

  3. Not happy now that work has pulled the pin on Twiter access... But now have found a game to occupy my time!

  4. That's at least twelve hundred characters. At not much more than 0.1 cents per character I reckon you're good buying Naut. Dare say the Kiwi overpaid though.

  5. Please post photos Tony...can we get one with the teddy bear? ;-)

  6. 'Scuse me for asking, but what league do you play in? Amateur, I take it? Around here, we're in the middle of fast-pitch softball leagues (stick-and-ball for the average man or woman)-that's what most people play for fun-though he have a fair amount of soccer, and a few rugby teams.

  7. You might need to sell the house to pay for the suit.

  8. Chaz - There are ways around that, but speaking from experience your I.T. guys will be pissed off when they catch you using them.

    Doc - If he tries to pay in Kiwi coinage then the deals off.

    Lerm - As discussed Roger has let me down and we are looking at Wednesday now.

    Nat - I am sure I can manage a photo, I think I even have a dodgy before photo of the suit.

    YD - 4th Division Eastern Football League. Not strictly speaking amateur as most teams pay players which is why we are doing so badly. I heard the team above us on the ladder (we are second bottom) has a $70,000 per annum player payment budget. Division 1 clubs are more around the $250,000. We pretty much pay through awards and our budget wouldn't be more than $15,000 per annum. There is a genuine amateur competition commonly called the ammos, I have found when we play practice matches against them that it is a softer, lower standard. Interesting piece of trivia, our club was established in 1881.

    BBA - If this addicition rages out of control then I may indeed need to sell the house.

  9. I'm with NatV, pictures please.

  10. Oh, I understand. We have baseball leagues here that are semipro (the Northern League, around here). The players make a (very) small amount of money, and get to travel on a low-rent bus and play in some little stadium. I reckon those guys play for love of the game, since they're not likely to be scouted to play at a higher level. Still fun to watch, though.

  11. How does the frog look in the suit?

  12. Barnes - picked up suit today, photos soon.

    YD - Yeah semipro sounds like the closest thing. In some of the leagues some division one clubs get retired AFL footballers.

    Steve - Don't be silly Steve, frogs don't wear suits. They get about in shorts and t-shirts.

  13. you sound as if your 60 going on 70 the way you talk, how old are you by the way?

    what's a suit mate?

  14. I feel 60 going on 70, but football will do that to you. I am curious, what is it about the way I talk that makes me sound old?

    Don't tell me you are another one of these non-suit wearing employees? I work in I.T. and am still expected to suit up.

  15. I haven't worn a suit on the job since I interviewed with my company in Feb 1996. Since then, they've only been worn for the occasional wedding.

    Much to my surprise, my only suit didn't fit me when I tried it on for my dad's funeral, so I had to do the khakis/blazer/tie (the tie was borrowed, I forgot to pack it).