Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holiday Planning

I have found my next holiday destination.

The Hotel Costa Verde in sunny Costa Rica.

I plan to stay in the 727 fuselage apartment made from the fuselage of a 1965 Beoing 727 and dine in the El Avion Restuarant made from an ex-CIA Iran-Contra scandal C-123.

The most amazing thing is that they brought the C-123 for only $3,000 (I assume US$s). I would happily fork out that for a C-123, even if it had been abandoned for 15+ years.

How cool a dog house in the back yard would that make!!!


  1. What a great place to stay in, it looks awesome.

  2. I was kinda hoping it had a gimball turret or somfin...just cos. But it is fucking wicked

  3. Just stay in it? I would like to live in it, although certain sleep walking issues I have may make for interesting night time entertainment.

  4. The capitalised one speaks truth, that IS fucking wicked. Would probly go the 727 for the authentic 'mile high club' effect. Also loving the tourist slogan 'still more monkeys than people' - though to be fair that would equally apply to the M1 southbound out of Brisvegas most weekday evenings.

    The bro got over to Costa Rica a few years back, though I don't think he got to see this. Surfing, drinking 50c beers, playing guitar, more surfing and banging American backpackers was more his modus operandi. I pity the fool.

  5. So cool, and much better than that helicopter hotel that was pranked a while back


  6. Two words pal - "Stinson Wreck".

    Admittedly you'll spend a day trecking through leech infested Gold COast Hinterland to get there. But, it'll be worth it in the end. Take the Frog - he'll love it there!

  7. Mr Stu - Indeed.

    Havock - again, indeed.

    DD - Watch that first step.

    DR Y - There seems to be a real monkey obsession. If you go to the section dealing specifically with the monkeys, it is by far the biggest section and mentions the word sex A LOT. Somewhat disturbing.

    bangarrr - by all means, let me know what it's like.

    barnesm - That helicopter is cool, shame it's a fake.

    Lerm - I looked up Stinson Wreck and there is no bar. The frog and I only go to places with bars.

  8. Could have lots of fune in that one, what a little ripper.
    Lerm - no bar? WTF are you trying to sell us here!

  9. Therbs - I am starting to worry about him!

    BBA - He he!

  10. Stinson wreck - get the O'Reillys guest house peeps to take you, they can probably lug an esky with.