Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yayyyyyy! I think I am finished.

Finished my assignment and it sucked.

Anyone out there an electical engineer, because I feel like one now.

It's interesting to know binary algebra, clocked logic circuits, coding in machine code, etc. But it is not that interesting that you really want to take holidays to learn it.

It's funny, the last subject I did was on programming and it was a breeze. I did the first assignment for that subject in about 6 hours and got 100% for it. I got an HD overall for that subject. Whereas this time I have everything crossed I get at least 75% for this assignment so I have a chance at getting a credit overall (I suck at exams).

Now to check it over for stupid mistakes.

Ps. Abe, the subject is Computer architecture and networks, I am hoping the networks bit is easier because computer architecture goes from easy to WTF in a very short period of time.

Pps. I got all my trenches dug and read a revised (but not edited) version of JP's book. Seeing as I have the assignment finished with a day to spare, I can send JP my uneducated review tomorrow and get to work demolising what's left of my easter eggs.


  1. Jesus. Well done mate.

  2. JP with a new book? Lots of explosions and stuff I hope.
    You sound kinda busy. Maybe the GF can help you out.
    Good luck with that complimicated computer stuff.

  3. "Computer architecture and networks" yes, a fun subject and it doesn't get easier.

    Over Easter I decided to do some knowledge refreshing - 560 pages on TCPIP protocols... I think I should have read the two new Clive Cussler books I bought instead.

    Line by line checking of code is fun as well. Especially if you wacked in a comma instead of a semicolon.

    Can't think of a better way to spend your leisure time.

  4. Naut and Al, you guys just love pain, don't you?

  5. This is WHY..Blowin shit up, is sooo much more fun..

  6. Ante PPS - I understood nothing.

    Post - well done.

    I've always thought that Victorians were good at digging ditches!

    I'm glad you got the bastard(s) finished.

    Stay well

  7. Sounds fun. I took some programming back in the Apple II days-a long freaking time ago-and more recently, some stuff on programming logic. It's come a ways-and hurts the brain.

  8. All sounds too much like hard work except of course critqing JP's new book and eating those easter eggs. go to it!

  9. Good luck, I haven't done much more than basic and PLC programming. Relay logic however, I'm good enough to give the teacher a better circuit ;)

  10. I'd be pretty bloody finished after that lot too.
    Well done. Do you get made Master of the Universe now?

  11. Moko - thanks mate.

    Therbs - Yeah it has the odd explosion in it. Maybe not quite as much as his last one.

    BBA - TCPIP stuff is the next part of this subject, you may get some emails!

    DD - I actually enjoyed digging trenches more than the assignment.

    H - yep, if only I wasn't colourblind.

    Lerm - Hope you are enjoying you holiday. We have to be good at digging ditches down here, need to bury the qld tourist somewhere.

    YD - Programming can be fun, understanding how a CPU and memory works can be just plain painful.

    Chaz - Haven't finished the eggs yet.

    bangarr - I nearly got in touch with you over a problem I was having with a clocked flip-flop, but I found the answer on the net.

    Dr - Still got another assignment and an exam, then another 9 subjects and about $20K to go.