Monday, April 27, 2009

A priviledged peek into my record collection.

Yankeedog and Abe regularly provide a peek into their musical tastes, so I thought it was about time I did the same.

As I like to be a man of mystery, today I will only be introducing you to one of the albums I own. I first came across this album through the track below, that was getting regular play on 3RRR. I was discussing it with a mate and he recommended the whole album.

The album is 12 Golden Country Greats by Ween. There are only 10 tracks on the album.

The track list includes:

  • Japanese Cowboy

  • Mister Richard Smoker

  • Help me scrape the mucus off my brain

  • Fluffy (Chaz tribute song I believe)

It also includes the following, which is what lead me to the album in the first place:

WARNING: Contains offensive language and adult concepts


  1. Ween, too too annoying for me with their voice when they sang Push th' Little Daisies....

  2. I had forgotten about that. That is a truely horrible song.

    This is much less painful.

  3. With kids, I know Ween best through their song from Spongebob Squarepants describing how to tie shoes.

  4. Yeee-HAAW!

    You know a lot of the old country 'outlaws' (Waylon, Willie, Coe, Paycheck) would have killed to be able to do a song like this!

  5. Steve - Everything i know about classical music has come from the Mozart for babies dvds. Man they are great, the monster can be screaming, put the Mozart dvd on and she shuts up and stares.

    YD - They actually got some decent country musicians to play with them.

  6. When Thing 1 was a baby, 10 years ago, Nissan had a commercial that got played 100 times/day, using "Crazy Train". We figured out that she stopped crying whenever it came on, so whenever she went ballistic, we just started doing the bass line for it. "Doo-doo. Doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo." Worked every time.

    What you should try for the Sophasaurus is the CD of Metallica songs turned into lullabies (sans lyrics, just glockenspiel).

  7. I reckon it would work, particularly if combined with a video of puppets and farm animals.

  8. You could use your IT skills to run the music and lighting through your computer, and time it so that it dims the lights when it plays the lullaby version of "Fade to Black."

  9. Yeah, but I would probably get carried away and setup a whole laser show and end up blinding her.


  11. Man I had this too! Mr Richard Smoker is completely inappropriate (particularly with a flatmate who'd recently decided he was gay) but funny. "Mr Richard Smoker, you're a poopy poker..."

    I think I ran into student budgetary constraints and hocked it at Red Eye Records in the Sydney CBD. In order to buy other CDs from Red Eye Records in the Sydney CBD. Damn they had a lot of good stuff.

  12. As regards the Metallica lullabies, surely 'Enter Sandman' was always thus? Admittedly not a particularly reassuring one, but the kid's got to get used to the harsh realities of modern life sometime. Beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head - that sort of thing.