Thursday, April 2, 2009


My brand, spanking new iPhone arrived today.

I spent quite a bit of time deciding what phone to get. I have just saved the company about $8k on their mobile bill, so they were happy for me to pretty much get whatever I wanted.

I didn't want to go down the Blackberry path again because I don't really use my phone for email much and I have a personal grudge against the Windows Mobile OS. Stupid, freezing, piece'o crap OS that it is. I also hate Microsoft ActiveSync, stupid thing keeps crashing and making me re-install it.

I like Nokias but would only get one if I was looking for a basic, makes calls type phone.

I was really interested in the HTC Dream running the Google Android OS. I met a guy with one the other day and it looks pretty good. Problem is Optus are offering it but Telstra don't seem to be at the moment. So that means I would have had to buy one from overseas off the 'net. Bit risky for a work purchase.

So that left the iPhone. My I.T. colleague in Sydney has one and absolutely loves it. He brought his himself off the 'net as a cracked unit from the States. I don't own an iPod so I figured I might as well go for it.

Now that I have it I am pretty impressed. It is easy to use and iTunes is as well. There is an impressive range of both free and low cost apps available and they can do some impressive things. There is an app that can turn you iPhone into a level if you are a carpenter or a torch if you are caught in the dark.

My only criticism would be that it is locked down pretty tight, but there is always ways and means around that.

So I will have to download one of the blogging apps and you might start to see posts direct from the iPhone.


  1. Both my bosses - one of which I am actually paid by, the other of which is Dr Mrs Dr Yobbo - have iPod Touches which seem to have a lot of the functionality of the iPhone (or at least that which is available to we poor peons in NZ with the laughable excuse for network service entailed thereby) without the actual talky-listeny function which to be fair is becoming less and less mission critical as time goes on. As the boss (the one who writes the cheques) pointed out, "It's a fantastic tool, makes my life easier, but add a phone to it and it'd be an instrument of torture." Actually he swore more (a lot more) in the delivering of said verdict, being King of the Sweary People, but you get the drift.

  2. I have read that by using wifi and some fancy app you can actually use the iPod Touch as a phone.

    It's funny it is the little things that are impressing me. Like when you are on the phone, the screen goes blank, when you move it away to press 1 or whatever, it sense the movement and redisplays the screen.

  3. 'It's funny it is the little things that are impressing me' no mate, thats just how you are....

  4. They do sound pretty cool. Froggy looks like he likes it too.

  5. You may be right Chaz, afterall you are little and I was a tiny bit impressed.

    Lerm - Very cool and the Frog knows it.

  6. Because I'm making every effort in the world to stay officially classed as a student my missus won't let get one.

    I'm such a bitch. I love my iPod Touch. Cool apps, most definitely.

  7. Yeah, if I had to pay for it I am sure I would have a couple of cans and a very long piece of string.

  8. Not a lover of iPods, but if it makes you happy who am I to complain? have a look here:-

  9. Thanks bangarrr, that was a good read and quite funny in a nerd war kind of way!

  10. You can use it on the go by setting up your blogger mobile e-mail account and blog to your page that way. The apps storris great for wasting time with free stiff.

  11. Sounds rude that I meant stuff!

  12. The motion sensing stuff on the iPod touch (and I presume the iPhone) is pretty awesome. Playing pool, pinball games etc by tilting the thing - or just wiping text entry errors by shaking the thing and it deletes whatever you've entered - quirky little touches (sorry) like that are pretty cool.

  13. You are pwned by Steve Jobs. You will assimulate! Resistance is futile!

  14. I thought that was Froggy's phone, not yours. ;)

    Think Hubby wants one for his birthday next month.

  15. hmm,
    can i err "borrow it?"
    *shifty eyes*

  16. Mr Stu - Too many options, I may never get work done again.

    Dr Yobbo - Yep it is the same and it is those little design features that more than make up for it's failings.

    BBA - I am a little concerned, I think I will have to stare at the blue screen of death for 4 hours today to counter the effects.

    Doanli - If you look carefully you will notice there are two iPhones.

    Copper Top - Um, yeah, sure (hands ct a cardboard cutout of an iPhone).

  17. Anything that gets you to post is welcome.