Monday, March 30, 2009

Better busy than dead, but I do feel like a re-animated zombie

I have been out of control busy lately. I have my Masters to do, little monster to help look after, football training and games, more plumbing to dig up and I am porting all our work ISDN phone services to a new telco which means lots of out of hours work.

This weekend was supposed to be a bit of a catchup weekend. Do some study and start an assignment, play a football practice match and knock off the last of the digging. This is how it finished up:

Friday Night
  • Got picked by the Good Lady Naut (GLN) from work so we could go to a friend of hers surprise birthday drinks. He gets a couple of grand prix tickets for his birthday and invites me to go with him on Sunday.
  • Home and in bed by midnight, I drove so I wouldn't be hungover while playing football (too old to play hungover these days. I once played a practice match so hungover that I stopped to vomit twice on the way to the game, we played 6 quarters and I didn't get a touch until the last quarter).


  • Get up and go play footy. Hot in the sun and the ground was rock hard so I was pretty knackered by the end of the game. Left shin/calf badly swollen from being kicked.
  • Home, shower, feed the monster and then get the GLN to drop me at the train station.
  • Train to the city then to The Squires Loft with 3 mates for dinner to wet my mate's babie's head. Pub crawled from there to the Waterside Hotel and succeeded in not only wetting the babie's head, but virtually drowning ourselves in alcohol as well.
  • Taxi home, lots of water then bed by 3am.


  • Up by 8am with surprisingly no hangover. Feed the monster then jog to the train station complete with now badly bruised shin/calf and plenty of other aches from playing football on a rock hard ground.
  • Train then tram to the track and meet my mate that has the ticket.
  • Spend the day walking around the track introducing my mate to the world of F1 and Australian motorsport.
  • Spend 4 hours standing in the same spot to, first of all reserve the spot, then watch the race.
  • 7pm race is over and having not sat down since 11am, it feels like everything below my shoulders is only connected to me by pain receptors. As pain receptors don't actually control muscles, I very nearly fall in a heap while walking down the hill we watched the race from.
  • Another tram and train ride followed by a 20 min walk and I get home about 8pm.
  • In severe pain now and all my muscles are starting to seize if I stop moving for even a minute, but domestic duties have no sympathy for the weary.
  • In bed, lights out at 11pm, asleep by 11:00:01 pm.

So of all the catchup I had planned, playing in the football practice match was the only thing I achieved.

Oh well, better busy than dead.


  1. I don't know. Sounded like a productive week end to me.

    I could not help but notice that Sophasauras has gone from "sweet adorable" to "monster"....

  2. BBA she has always been my little monster, hence the Sophasaurus tag.

  3. Holy shit, I haven't done that much stuff all year.

  4. I'm in pain just reading it! The steakhouse looked great. And you are right, better busy than dead

  5. OMG,,, Naut I was like that the other day after painting all day. My bum and leg muscles had more workout then they ever get during carnel pleasure.
    *note to self* .. put as much effort into pleasure as i do pain.
    Seriously tho,, by the sounds of it, it was a lovely productive weekend. Maybe not in the way u had planned.. but a good weekend just the same..

  6. Nat - that is a fantastic idea, but unfortunately the reality will be catching up on the domestic duties I missed over the weekend.

    Moko - I am thinking I might move straight to next year now.

    Lerm - Steakhouse was good but stupidly expensive. They charged a fortune for grain fed steak and after dining with Bedak I am now suspecious of the value in grain feed dead cow. Better busy than dead, but not so busy you end up dead.

  7. Redhead - Yep, it sounds pretty similar with a few collision related injuries thrown in for good measure. I have torn muscles in the pursuit of pleasure and it is totally worth it!

    You are quite correct, it was a productive weekend in unexpected ways and I am back at work feeling like I really had a weekend!

  8. I'm exhausted just by reading it, well at least you know where the time is going.

  9. "better busy than dead"....oh certainly.

    Careful with the re-animated zombie comments, that never can end well.

  10. The pain. But satisfying pain. Maybe you need a trip to Honduras a la Rhino and just bathe yourself in rum.

  11. Naut, no pain no gain eh?

    I think this place was one of the ones we looked at the for the last Chaz event. So we'll scratch it off the list for the next one. Were the waitresses as nice?

    Anyway it all sounds like good character building.

  12. ^ There posts a man with his priorities right!

  13. Grass-fed dead cow is the only way to go.

    I often feel the same way...our soil is hard clay, so landing on the ground playing soccer usually results in a layer of skin being removed from my legs, even with a nice grass covering.

  14. Wow, oh wow!

    Sounds like you need a good warm bubble bath with plenty of quiet.

  15. You need one of Lerm's ladies to give you a rub down after all that exercise this weekend!

  16. bangarrr - Yep, no lost hours there!

    Barnesm - Yeah I was worried that comment might get me killed (again?).

    Therbs - I'll settle for a week in Bali.

    Chaz - There was one hot waitress, but she was in training so she hardly spoke (that could actually be a positive).

    Lerm - Lol

    Steve - Hard grounds suck, but after years of drought it's silly to expect anything else.

    Doanli - If only we got what we need in life.

    Mr Stu - If one of Lerm's ladies came within 200 metres of me, the Good Lady Naut would ensure I was in a totally different type of pain!

  17. look on the bright side.

    1 You are not a OD and hence have nobody trying to knock you off ya perch. ( I am a god however).

    2. Unlike some, you seem to refrain from bouts of SOOKING

    3 You are Not a Fluffy MAJOR, that would be REAL BAD.

    4. You did get in some YOU time

    5. Rest assured, that which you did not complete, shall be there for you next week, or the week after, or the week after that.

    6. Be kind to your parents and animals.

  18. I think #5 is the truth of the situation Havock. I have taken extra holidays at Easter to get it all done.

  19. Well played (or is that survived?) I spent the entire weekend hungover and feeling sorry for myself on account of (a) downing six pints and a bottle of red on Friday night at work drinks/dinner and talking enough loud sweary bollocks to have the waitress ask me not to; and (b) hitting another birthday. You win.