Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tree Change - pointless post

My parents, when they are not travelling the continent or the globe, reside on an 150 acre country property. Yep, they did the tree change thing.

It is a pretty simple life. The house is basically a flashy shed. Power comes from solar, wind generator and petrol generator, water from tanks, hot water from solar and pipes in the combustion heater and there is a septic tank for sewerage.

The view is pretty spectacular as they are on the crest of a North facing hill will untouched Crown Land on the opposite hill. The valley between runs West towards the Hume Highway and you can see the see the lights of Shepparton (the only part of Shepparton you want to see) in the distance.

The view of the valley is framed by a large tree surrounded by huge rocks with a large split rock below it on the slope into the valley.

The tree is so spectacular that my Aunt was moved to paint it for my parents, unfortunately I don't have a picture of the painting.

Sadly during a massive storm last year, my Dad was stunned to watch a bolt of lightening strike the tree and split it down the middle. The tree is now dead.

There is no real point to this post. Moko's post about the storms in Brisbane just reminded me of the tree so I thought I would post some photos of the Old's place. I love the browns of the Australian countryside, if it is too green it feels a bit strange (unless it is a Green Frog).


  1. How the hell did I go from Dolph to this????

  2. 150 acres - plenty of land to set up a chapter of the Church of Warne!

    Looks like a bloody nice sort of a place though. Any siblings that you'll have to cut out of the will? Start working on it!!!

  3. Hmmmm, I had been having thoughts about converting the church to a cult. You might be onto something there.

  4. What a great lifestyle in a beautiful place.

  5. Well something that involves a tithe!

  6. Mooroopna's alright though (I went to Ardmona Primary School for a couple of years).

  7. My wife parents live on the flat half way between Shepp and Ecucha....the middle of nowhere to me, but the best thing about going to visit them is at night time when you go out and see just how many stars there are in the night sky. Being a city boy I get to see nothing.

    Your folks have a really nice place there. Maybe you could start a Church of Warne and then the authorities would have to raid it at some point and close it down like the do in the States all the time!

  8. Nice shed.

    That's all I got. Sorry.

  9. Bangar... did you get canned!...

    Lots of great vantage points, tell me you own a firearm...pleaseeeeee!.

    I also reckon you should find the next biggest tree, out on its lonesome and when the next THUNDERSTORM arrives, put that FUCKING FROG in the tree

  10. Again with the picking on the Frog. Poor Frog.

    What a place, this is not helping Hoc's and my decision making about ditching the city life and going bush one bit. We are trying to find reasons to stay put, so far, nada.

  11. Crap that must've been some lightning bolt.

  12. Lou - It's not bad, until you get bored.

    Lerm - There is a place for you on the church board anytime you want.

    Bangar - Mooroopna's only problem is it is too close to Shep.

    Mr Stu - I didn't know there was anything halfway between Shep and Echuca. It would be pretty dry there now. Maybe we should start a branch of the church in Waco?

    Dr Y - That's just the house shed, there is another shed shed that isn't pictured.

  13. H - I don't own a firearm. I actually began the process to get licenced a while back, but decided I couldn't afford a rifle and the gear to lock it away.

    DD - Going bush is ok, but if you like people then it can be boring. My olds have a place in the city as well that they rent out. They plan to sell half their country block and then move back to the city during the week. Mum just got too bored living in the sticks.

    Nat - I kept saying to Dad how cool it must have been to watch and he just kept talking about the poor tree. It was a once in a lifetime experience and he just doesn't seem to get it! Must be dementia.

  14. The lightning, the serenity. Looks like a good place to go hunting green frogs.

  15. Naut, to true, though I haven't been back for a long time.

    Havock, groan.

  16. All that granite reminds me of the 3 years I lived in Beechworth. Nice part of the world.