Monday, March 2, 2009

DVD Gold!!!

Most of you will be old hands at searching the bargin bins at book stores, video stores, record stores, etc. Well on the weekend I was searching through the $2 DVD bins out the front of the newsagents when I struck gold! Hidden in amongst films starring David Hasselhoff and Billy Baldwin was this little beauty:

Project Grizzly is a documentary about Troy James Hurtubise's attempt to make and test a suit of armour capable of withstanding attack from a Grizzly Bear.

Troy is a Canadian inventor/scrap yard owner/martial artist that gets aboot (he is Canadian) the bush wearing a red beret, jackets with lots of tassells, a bowie knife on his hip and a throwing knife on a bandolier (because real mountain men know you are better off with a knife than a gun). Incidently, the bit where Troy discusses his reasons for carrying knives shows his true warrior mindset, but doesn't explain the beret.

He is an amazing man that has not only an incredibly inventive mind and altheletic physic, but also understands the importance of striking a pose and shaving lines into the side of your mullet 90's rapper style. I think I offically have a man crush!

Troy also understands the importance of riggerous testing and these make up some of the most education aspects of the documentary. I have included the following example.

Being the moden man he is, Troy has his own website here which I can see myself spending many hours on.

So if you are hunting through the bargin DVD bins and see a copy of Project Grizzly at only $2, buy it, you won't regret it.

ps. Today's Green Frog is brought was brought to you by The Good Lady Naut.


  1. I LOVED that clip. I have to see this. I simply must see this.

  2. Yes you must Paul. In fact it should be part of school's cirriculum.

  3. I love those bargain DVD bins too; good for you that you struck gold! :)

  4. That suit looks like powered armor from 'Starship Troopers' or 'The Forever War'. Cool!

  5. Looks like some of the testers started to really enjoy their work by the end of it. But alas, no actual visuals of Troy getting a biff up the side of the head from Humphry B. Bear.

  6. Doanli - It was like finding the end of a rainbow.

    YD - You should see the new Trojan armour he is working on, there is video at his website. The really weird things is that he seems to have actually created so really strong armour.

    DD - How much fun would it be to drive a car into your mate!!! You have to watch the film to see how he goes with Humphry.

    Therbs - Yeah I bet he has watched Ironman like 1 billion times and writes off the moview tickets on his tax.

  7. How sweet was that?!?!

    Even if the suit protects against blunt force trauma how does it protect him from having his brain sloshed around?

  8. Sweet as!!!!

    The head in the latest model contains airbag type cushioning so he seems to cope quite well. I am not sure he isn't sufferring a bit of brain damage though.

  9. No flies on him!

    A truly great production. I will search for it!

  10. Go go Power Rangers! Either that or Rob Sitch in Shitscared.

    Since when did grizzly bears arm themselves with lengths of 4x2 and tackle bags suspended on long bloody ropes? Not to mention a ute with a mattress occy strapped to the bullbar.

  11. I hate to point out a flaw in his testing, but don't bears have claws? I suggests he hires Flinthart for the actual swordwork and myself for the swords and sharpening.

  12. That was just so funny my sides were hurting. He is mad but you Lind of like him for being mad and insane!

    I need the D VD now.

  13. You'd think they spend a bit more time on thinking about what happens to the floaty stuff INSIDE the head when you smash it with bats.


    Gold?, I think you've found the Holy Grail of bargains dude.

    lol @ Steve. Ned Kelly woulda creamed his pants.

  14. Apparently the British armed forces have given a contract to a company that invented a ballistics gel that goes in helmets, and hardens up when there's a traumatic shock to the head, absorbing much of the impact. It's said to reduce the impact of bullets, but will also have uses in football, cricket and hockey helmets. I think it will be useful for absorbing blows to the head from a very pissed off grizzly bear (by the way, to Aussies unfamiliar, grizzly bears are never NOT pissed off....they're constantly in a disagreeable state).

    My guess is, Ned Kelly would still be alive today if he had that gel for the inside of his armored helmet. Oh, and some way to keep them from putting a noose around his neck.