Friday, February 27, 2009

It's an army life for me!

Well, I think I am going to join the Army.

No, I have not lost my job, mind or about 12 years off my age.

There is a very good reason for this decision.


It was good and there is enough in the sachets for 2 hot chocolates.

I might have to try the potato with onion powder for lunch and see if that changes my mind. How do you powder onion?


  1. It use to be called Potato and Onion Dehy if that helps! The whole lot is just evaporated. Not the worst thing it a CRP. See if you can get your paws on a ten man ration. Grab the can of Big Sister's Bunghole and reconsider your options.

    ***Note Well*** Do not really do that if you plan on defecating in the forseeable future!

  2. Jeeezus H Crist Naut. You gave me a scare when I read your Title.

    You do realise that the ration pack you have is an Officer's pack. Chocolate Drink indeed.

    Real soldiers don't drink Chocolate. They Drink Coffee with lots of caffeine.

  3. Shoo, where do I go to shed 12 years off my age?

  4. Lerm - Hmmm, 10 man ration. That ought to get me to lunch.

    BBA - I actually nearly wound up in the army as an Officer years ago when they knocked me back as a pilot due to colour blindness. Funnily enough, I don't really like coffee.

    Doanli - Facebook, I changed my birthdate on there and only 1 person realised.

  5. The hot chocolate powder in a US MRE is nothing to write home about, so perhaps your rations are a bit better than ours. I suspect you could just find a surplus store if you feel the need for cuisine militaire.

    Is bully beef still on the ration menu down there? During WWII, our guys would trade Spam for delicious mystery cow.

  6. Don't know about the bully beef YD, I suspect there are those hereabouts that will know the answer.

  7. Wait till you tried the dried instant meals in a paper and foil bag. Then you will realise why the army cooks are called fitters and turners. They fit the food into the pots and turn it into sh*t. That is a saying many would remember from their times in the army.

  8. YD - Bully Beef was not in the CRP's when I was in. They had a shitty beef and veg instead - basically it was a few cuts of chuck steak, frozen vegies and congealed fat.

    DD - I remember calling them that & Tucker Fuckers.

  9. yep, 10 mans are the go, Coffe for real men, FUCK THAT CHOC shit, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT put the powdered cordial in ay container you wish to reuse for another purpose. It penetrates shit like agent orange, I SWEAR.aND DUST THE bEEF AND vEG WITH URRY pOWDER..DID i JUST SAY THAT..OOPS..BARNES AND BOB WILL KILL MY ARSE. yes.. curry the shit up AND THEN GET READY FOR THE SHITS.

  10. Lerm - I was trying to be nice. Just like when Mickh asked about what should people comment at Blunty be called, my first thought was Caring Blunts. Or if you will, Blaring - well you get the idea.

  11. My husband gets a catalogue (can't remember the name of it right now) that sells ration packs. They sell all of that freeze-dried crap. I've always been curious about it. I may have to buy some now lol

  12. Is it true that you can hydrate this with urine?