Thursday, January 29, 2009

The A Team

Just saw this link on Lance Armstrong's Twitter site.

It is details of the executive team for an A Team movie.

This is of great concern to me, does anyone think Hollywood can make an A Team movie that will do the series justice?

Who would you get play each role?

B.A. - Samuel L Jackson in Wesley Snipes body. Actually it is probably going to have to be The Rock.
Face - Brad Pitt?
Hannibal - Clooney?

What really worries me is that with Ridley Scott involved he will drag Russell Crowe into it. I just can't see Crowe in any of the roles.

Damm, I am going to lose sleep worrying about this one.


  1. Jim Carey as Murdoch? The whole thing is doomed to fail.

  2. I need an 'A-Team' movie like I needed a 'Dukes of Hazzard' movie.

    Actually you and Therbs have nailed the principal roles pretty well. I could see Samuel L. Jackson as B.A., I suppose.

  3. Ye p I too can see Jim Carey as Murdoch, unless of course david tennant can do a good american accent....

  4. Therbs/Chaz - Jim Carey, not bad. Yep failure is a definate possibility.

    YD - Dukes of Hazzard hurt, a lot.

  5. Wrong, wrong, wrong, just too too wrong

  6. any fucker, no matter HOW GOOD he thinks he is, that makes or remakes this want fucking with a flag pole, across the back of the head. Bloody hell, just stoooopid are they.

  7. Barnes - yep

    H - Be amazing if they did it and it turn out ok.

    Folks I just think Dukes of Hazzard, Get Smart and Scooby-do and it makes me want to kill!

  8. Yeah - I reckon that you could run with the cast you've got.

    I hope you don't worry too much about doing the series justice!

  9. maybe the film would be more of a winner if I, played Hannibal

  10. Lerm - It is seriously going to keep me up at night!

    H - If you played Hannibal I would lash out and see the film in Gold Class.

  11. This will fail. The End.

    BA - I pity the fool who proposes replacing Mr T. He's still kicking about, seen him in choc bar commercials or something. CGI for anything that needs him to do anything strenuous though cos he's probably 97 by now.

    Murdock - a bit left field - Damir Dokic? Would have to slim down for the role (no more arguments about takeaway fish at tennis tournaments) but has the requisite batshit insanity

    Hannibal - Tommy Raudonikis - would need to take up smoking again

    Face - someone deeply slimy who could talk himself into any job, no matter how unsuited he was to the position. I give you Turnbull, M.B.

  12. I agree good Dr, I agree.

    I did actually think about Mr T for BA, he does still have a bit of fire in those commercials.

    Damir for Murdock, I like your thinking and it's topical too. I think we need to screen test him and Carey.

    Tommy Raudonikis - rugby reference so it has missed me completely.

    I thought you were going to suggest Lermotov for a second there (sorry mate), but Turnbull is wayyyyy slimier than Lermie could ever be.

  13. Sorry for the league-centricism but I think I can explain this pretty simply

    Wiki: Their leader is Col. John "Hannibal" Smith (George Peppard), whose plans tend to be unorthodox but effective...

    Tommy: if team is losing, start a fight in the scrum. Regardless of whether it's Wagga under-elevens or coaching game 3 the 1997 State of Origin.

    I'd pay that as unorthodox but effective. Well, maybe not that unorthodox for Wagga.

  14. Point taken and agreed. I always liked the "If we can't will the game we'll win the fights" technique.

  15. I googled A-Team, and apparently a IMDB it's available only if you're a Pro member, but the google page does note Bruce Willis, Woody Harrelson, and Ice Cube.

    Bruce is good, Ice Cube is good, Woody Harrelson is a bit of a WTF choice. Face could be Lermontov. the movie, should they continue shooting at the feet, or will people actually die?

    Personally, I see this as an epic fail. They may as well use Aussie actors, since it'll only be one more thing to make Americans look like douchebags. Hollywood has run out of ideas. Doesn't Michael Chrichton still have a dozen or so books that haven't been converted?

  16. Maybe we should start and on-line petition to get Lermie the job as Face. Hmmmm, that sounds like a job for Monday.