Friday, January 23, 2009

Nothing much really

I was going to write a post on Obama, but I really can't be bothered. I will make only one comment and that is that actions speak louder than words and true leaders lead by example.

There is plenty of time left in this presidency to see what kind of a leader Obama will be.

Long weekend here this weekend and I still have a touch of the flu so I will probably take it a bit easy. That said, I really need to get 3 runs in to restart my fitness program. It was supposed to start between xmas and nye but I got sick, then better, then sicker.

Footy pre-season starts next week, so I have to start doing something.

Nothing exciting, interesting or bizarre going on at the moment.

We need to get Minx back so I have someone to discuss Lance Armstrong's return with.


  1. I don't like what Obama has done so far, sad to say.

  2. Fair enough, going to wait a little longer before I make a judgement myself.

    I am a bit bemused by all the focus on speeches. Yes, they give an indication of what he intends to do, but at the end of the day politicians talk a lot but it's the follow through that really matters.

  3. it's still early days and the speeches always take up alot of first few days whilst the adminsitration beds in.

    As long as he's basically sensible (well to us at least!) then things should be ok(ish) the economy is the biggest problem and everything else must play 2nd fiddle to that.

    My main concern is when the first 'test' occurs and how he'll deal with it.

  4. Oh EXCELLENT. Australia Day, I forgot. Get paid extra working Monday.

  5. Chaz - Yeah he at least seems like he will be considered in his actions, but then I thought Rudd would be too. Rudds version of considered action turned out to be never take action unless you are really getting hammered in the press, then just do the first thing you think of.

    Moko - Isn't Australia Day the one day a year Kiwis living in Australia have to work?

  6. "actions speak louder than words and true leaders lead by example" VERY TRUE!