Friday, January 23, 2009

Google Analytics

I missed being able to she how many vistors I was getting.

So to satisfy my vanity and ego I have just added google analytics to my blog.

Now visit people, so my numbers go up and up!


  1. I'm doing my best to aid and abet your Meglamania!

  2. WTF...wots this them goo-gle-anal-y-tics then...?.

    ...and me too. I was about to hit 20 grand at that smoking pit of destruction.

    ...and ONE ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa.

  3. I'm not just a number.
    I'm a high end lurker.

  4. L - Excellent!

    Moko - Google analytics gives you all kinds of stats for your website. Like vistors, bounce rate, time on site, traffic sources. All you have to do is insert some code into your site.

    NB - Maybe you're both.

  5. HA! I love vain men as long as they don't want to borrow my stuff ;) Have a terrific weekend buddy! XX

  6. LOL at what Sis (BeautysSymphony) said!

    Here's another hit!

  7. ou! ou! Can I be a number? I want to be #139.

    Actually I snuck in a couple of times earlier. I'll show up as Anonymous of Redcliffestan #21 and # 47.

  8. Thanks YD!

    BS and Donali - thanks and you too!

    BBA - Hey I only got to #21 yesterday so #139 is out. I did get 1 referral from the humpybong though, so the cheques in the mail.