Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some like it hot!

Looking at google analytics, the average time spent by readers here is 2:31.

68.57% of you are using I.E., 28.57% using Firefox and 2.86% using Safari.

BigBadAl sent the most people (5) my way with Yankeedog coming in second (4).

Jennicki, Lermontov and moko all sent me a visitor.

Google sent me one visitor searching "the words begest fesh .com", I have a feeling that visitor was disappointed.

The Australia Day weekend was pretty quiet for me. Got in 2 runs which are my first since being sick and were far from impressive. Football pre-season starts Wed night, so it is going to hurt!

The weather is not going to help pre-season as the forecast is as follows:

Today - 38 degrees
Wed - 41 degrees
Thurs - 40 degrees
Fri - 40 degrees
Sat - 40 degrees

We live inland north of the city, too far away to get the sea breeze, so it will be a degree or two hotter.

To many this will seem like terrible weather. Personally I don't mind it, although 40+ is pushing it a bit. I do hate having to wear a suit in this weather though and it will get to 35+ in my office, so I think I will be doing lots of site visits this week.

Better 40 degrees than 4 I reckon!


  1. Try to stay cool! Summer isn't forever. :)

  2. I'd take 4 over forty any day of the week. And if you have time - could you get in an extra jog for me please

  3. I love summer. I love the cooler nights of winter. Me no complainy. Humidity is a killer, but to me, that's the trade.

  4. Doanli - If only it was forever.
    Lerm - Nupe, can't stand the cold. I make it a long hill jog so you don't have to ask me again for a while.
    Moko - Yeah, I 'aint a fan of humidity either, that's why I reckon I will end up out West.

  5. The pre-season stuff in the heat used to kill me. Those first few sessions are lethal. The aching muscles, breathing in that furnace air, sweating out all of summers' beers in one go. Torture. Just thought I'd remind you again. I'm a nice bloke.

  6. Thanks Therbs - do you think that being one of the old blokes they will cut me some slack?

  7. Naut, so it won't be snowing next week when I'm over there in Sin City then?

    Running in heat sucks major time. We're barely cracking the early 30's at the moment

  8. Mate, just to let ya know I heard from Keith Fennell (the author) this morning regarding my topic. Thought you might be interested.

  9. Chaz, thunder storms on Sunday so you never know. You guys had your run of 40+ days a week or two ago.

    Moko - Just commented on your post again.

  10. Running in the heat and humidity ain't fun. When it's hot even in the early morning, you know it's going to be rough.

    Don't you folks still have the suits with the Bermuda shorts instead of long pants? That was a good look...

  11. It's weird YD, it kills me but I kind of like training in the extreme heat. I think I have this mindset that it is worth 2 training sessions in the cool.

    Suit with shorts? I'm not a news reader.