Monday, January 19, 2009


It finally happened. The boy who never gets sick, got sick!

I am not as bad as Birmo, but Birmo level would be the next stage.

I have had a couple of colds over the years, but I reckon it has been 8 years since I last had a sweaty, shaking flu like this one. I have that feeling like I have just played a hard game of footy on a 36 degree day.

I even took a couple of days off work!!!

Typical, I get sick just as the Dakar rally is coming to an end. At least I did have an excuse to watch the last couple of One Dayers.

Oh well. I am back at work today, so I better get back into it.


  1. You folks in Oz got some wicked bug you're passing around? Kinda sounds like it.

    Whatever it is, keep it there.

    Take care!

  2. O.P. Rum is the go. Trust me on this one Naut.

  3. Naut glad your on the mend. Last winter was the first in ages I didn't catch a cold, which I put down to a)basically not working (resting) and b)basically not working (not being around sick folk)
    PS if you take up Therbs suggestion Inner Circle OP75%. It will kill anything.

  4. Naut, well there's also the Tour down under!!

    Can't be good being crook in this weather. look at the brightside's all good training for when the Sophiasaurus starts kindy!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Therbs and Bangar if it ain't gone by the weekend then I will be willing to try just about anything.

    Chaz - yeah I have heard horror stories about kinda and school. I was thinking my superior immune system would protect me, but now I 'aint so sure.