Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I haven't updated much on Sophie lately, so here is the latest.

She is 6 months old which makes her corrected age a little over 3 months old. Weight is now over 7kgs and she is reasonably tall for her age. There don't seem to be any medical complications from her prematurity, except perhaps a temperamental stomach which happens a lot anyway without prematurity.

Developmentally she is a little behind physically, she needs to spend more time on her belly lifting her head. No stress there, it's no big deal as she will get there eventually. She started doing baby talk quite early and I often catch her and her Mum chatting to each other which has convinced me I am going to need some noise cancelling headphones by the time she is a teenager.

Sleepwise she struggles to sleep during the day, due to an upset stomach but will sleep from about 9pm to 7.00am most nights. So while she wears out Mum during the day, at least we get a full nights sleep to recover.

So all said and done, she is healthy, happy and progressing well.

Won't be long before I am training her to get Dad a beer and how to pour a decent scotch.


  1. Onya Sophasaurus.

    Must be nearly time to leave her on the mountain side Naut.

    You do realise that when Mum and Sophie are talking they are plotting ways to spend the money you have put aside for the dirt bike.

  2. Never too early to train as a beer fetcher

  3. BBA, I left her on the mountain a couple of weeks ago, came back the next morning and all that was left was a molehill.

    Therbs - I reckon I will let her learn to walk first.

  4. 6 months?....good grief, how time flies.

    Yeah, start the fetch training early. Two chicks against you. You're toast dude.

  5. It's a magical moment when your child can fetch a beer. Even more so when they learn the proper etiquette that "it's rude to hand someone an unopened beer."

  6. Moko - 3 chicks, you forgot the dog and she is definately a she.

    Steve - Ahhh, the joys of parenthood to look forward to.

  7. Mate glad she going well. In a blink she'll be 18, leaving home and you'll be over a quarter of a mill worse off!!

  8. I plan to have her down 't mines at age 12 to pay off that quarter mill.

  9. I have 2 daughters, and even the cat is a female, so I think I win.

    And the biggest joy of parenthood is when you've molded your child to cheer for your teams and hate the teams you hate. My oldest was 17 months old when she did the "Rangers Suck" cheer (what us NJ Devils fans cheer when playing the NY Rangers in hockey).

    I almost shed a tear of pride.

  10. Yep the wife has already given in on that and has even agreed to barack for my team so we can cheer as a family. Her brother still thinks he is going to be able to convert Sophie.