Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We are trialling Telstra's Voice2Text on our mobiles at the moment.

It great from when you are in a meeting and get voicemail that you want to subtly check.

The problem is that it has trouble translating some of the words. It regularly gets names wrong and has words that it can't decipher. Here's an example:

Hi, it's your wife. Can we get some big ___ on your way home cold ones. Thanks. Bye.

I wasn't sure what to make of this message, but it sounded exciting so I sped up as I dialed my message bank to listen to the message.

You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered she just wanted me to get a couple of large Slurpees on the way home:-(

*NOTE: I actually wrote this some time last week but didn't publish it for some reason. Must have been just as I was getting sick.


  1. Roflmao. Got the makings of some REAL mishaps that one.

  2. Was saying "cold ones" really necessary? Or are Slurpees often sold at tea-like temperatures in Australia?

    If she had left out the "cold ones," the inappropriate "fill in the blank" game would've been legendary. Words like "strippers," "Thai hookers" and "sex toys" don't make sense as it is written now.

  3. Moko - Yeah, could wind up in some trouble.

    Steve - I just assumed she left out the comma and was calling me "cold ones".

  4. The possibility that YOU might be "Cold Ones" did not occur to me. Safe to say your pet name for her in return would be "Frozen Nips"?