Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Dinner

It was the Good Lady Naut's (TGLN) birthday on Saturday and we had a few friends over Saturday night to celebrate. TGLN decided she didn't want me to cook, which I of course viewed as a criticism of my cooking abilities, so dinner was a mixture of salad and trays of mixed meats from the local kabab shop.

It all looked and smelt pretty tasty. I, of course, am far too hardcore for that kind of wussy food and so courtesy of the Australian Defense Force by way of James Phelan, here is my dinner.

If you look closely on the left hand side of the above photo, you will notice the dog is also hardcore and waiting anxiously for any scraps.

I actually didn't eat this for dinner, not because I wimped out, but because once I opened it the instructions were HUGE and everyone knows real men don't read instructions.

I think we need an urgent investigation into the packaging and presentation of the MREs supplied to our soldiers. This is the kind of thing that gets people killed.


  1. No, it's the food that gets the people killed.

  2. I can't remember what was in an E pack (D's were my favourite) - but I can remember what the most revolting items were out of them all: canned Ham & Egg & O-Pine jelly - both since discontinued! And the bullet proof biscuits with that can of processed cheese - Ugggh. I still get hunger pangs for the chocolate though.

    It looks like TGLN's birthday was celebrated in considerable style - I think you were wise to skip the rat pack!

    Hang on to those ten sheets of date roll!

  3. In my day we didn't have any of that freeze dried stuff and the cooking instructions usually were - mix all together in dixie cup, add water and tobasco sauce (which you had to byo) - grimace and eat when vaguely warm...

    there were some horrible things in those cans...

  4. I remember our eating MREs after Hurricane Ivan in 2004. I thought the US versions were very good (and very high in calories!!!)

  5. Instructions for MRE's? WTF?
    Like, "finely chop contents of sachet C, while grating juliette strands of contents of sachet j, and in a mortar and pestle combine ingredients of sachets d to i until they form a thick paste. Meanwhile simmer contents of sachet k in 300 mls of chicken stock."
    What's wrong with a tin of tomato soup and a tin of frankfurts heated up together?

  6. Looks like a sweet spread ... and the food looked good too.

    Happy b-day to the Mrs. Naut.

  7. DD - I haven't tried it yet, but you could be right.

    Lerm - JP stole the chocolate, bastard! B'day was good, sufficient alcohol consummed to be most enjoyable.

    Bob - Yep they have changed a little since the first world war ;-)

    Doanli - Wow, you survived a hurricane and then they made you eat MREs???

    Therbs - I don't know what the instructions were for, I couldn't bring myself to read them.

    Thanks Rhino.

  8. Sounds very appealing, at least you kind of know where the rations came from, unlike the kebab meat where you have no idea where the meat comes from!

  9. Where's the bully beef and biscuits?

    Serves the ADF for outsourcing the synthesis of their MREs to IKEA. Fricken thing looks like a kit for a flat-pack wardrobe. Instructions probably just as impenetrable.

  10. NAUT, suck the guts out of the condensed milk tube, then the JAM, Like Lerm said, the chockie is not bad, but will keep you regular, B & C are the FAV.

    Hey, maybe nec time JB is down get JP along and we have a cook off with Rat Packs, that pair can Judge, get barnes and the crew along as well

  11. It had a regular pack of m&m's in there too (unusual for ADF to have brand packaging) but they got eaten on the flight back from Duntroon. My greatest concern was the toothpaste-sized tube of "vanilla spread" WTF? And with the amount of peppermints and gum in there our soldiers undoubtably have the sweetest smelling breath in 'Stan.

  12. I wondered about whether or not the M M's were still packaged JP. V Spread, YEAH WTF, thats new, well in the last 10 years at least., Gum used to be PK.