Thursday, February 19, 2009


Thanks to the Good Lady Naut's sister, we are off to see Shane Warne the Musical tonight.

I have a history with musicals. My parents love them and used to take the family to every major one that came out. Cats was a good perve, but Les Mis was nearly the death of me. After Les Mis I did a deal with my parents, they could save money by not buying me a ticket to future musicals, but they had to buy me the largest block of chocolate available in the supermarket.

The deal was a win win and everyone was happy.

That said, I am quite looking forward to seeing the show tonight. It should be a bit of fun even with all that singing and dancing crap.


  1. I loved The PHAAAAN-TOM of the Op-er-a IS HEEEERE, in-siiiide, my miiind.

    The missus said Cats was good too. We Will Rock You she said was one of the best. The Lion King was awesome.....but Warnie, the sing-along, has kinda got me on the back foot, so to speak.

    Looking forward to seeing what you reckon.

  2. This will undoubtedly be one of the greatest moments of your life. The Great Man himself, even condescended to go see it. Watch and learn at the feet of Greatness - how he isn't Australian of the Year, I'll be buggered if I know.

    I can think of 708 reasons to see this masterpiece - I only hope it does justice to the stature of the greatest living Australian (sorry DK). Hopefully the young Sophasoraus Rex will revel in his magic too.

  3. Moko - The Phantom was one of the ones I very definately gave a miss. Keating I might have considered going to, but Warnie was an easy choice.

    Lerm - Perhaps he isn't Australian of the Year as you can only win it once? Could you please list all 708 reasons, as I suspect we could add some and reach the 1,000. Sophasaurus won't be attending, but I my have to buy a program to read to her.

  4. I believe the theatrical event known as "Warnie The Musical" will go down in history as one of Australia's greatest ever cultural achievements. It combines the sheer majesty of Warnie, the greatest bowler EVER, with live theatre. If Shakespeare were alive he'd sell Ann Hathaway's cottage just to get a glimpse of the official program through a telescope. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a mere purveyor of tuneless whistling compared to Warnie. Mention him not in the same blog entry.
    And if it weren't for them cheating Kiwis, Our Warnie would have scored a ton in that Perth test match a few years back. Bastards.

  5. I think you have just developed the most conclusive arguement yet for invading NZ.

  6. As the world knows - there are 708 Test reasons & another 293 ODI reasons - and this is before we mention the glory he brought to his name and nation in the IPL. It goes without saying that a full report is expected tomorrow. Go well, and go with God a.k.a. Shane

  7. OMFG I was sure you guys had to be shittin' but I just checked and there really is a 'Shane Warne the Musical' playing currently in

    Invade away dudes, it's timely that our gene pool got dredged out a bit, just don't bring your idea of musical theatre with you (nor for that matter any of that freakin' country and western that you guys are also so fond of).

  8. They made a musical about Warnie?

    Is the music Ring Tones?

  9. Are you off your rocker down there, why on earth would you make a musical about a

    Now I must admit I have never been one for theatres myself, the only show I have ever seen is Les Mis and I found that great, but being 6'4" the seats were never designed for people of my size back in the days the theatres were built here so I never go because it is to uncomfortable to be sat there bored shitless for three hours!

  10. Laughing at Al's comment.

    Surely the score was written by 30 Odd Foot of Grunts?

    Is the musical sponsored by a cell phone manufacturer, and Hanes Underwear?

  11. I thought Lerm was kidding me when he said there was such a thing as "Shane Warne: the Musical".

    I hardly know who he is but I'm like...arrrrrgggghhhh! LOL!

  12. His Wikipedia page has a pretty good description, although I've heard most of those stories before from the old JS Aussie contingent.

  13. Lerm - Prophetic word, as you will see in today's post.

    Lou, doanli, Mr Stu, BBA - Yep it's real and an important cultural moment.

    BBA - Lol, phones did get a fair mention in the show and it is interesting that predictive rhymes with addictive.

    Steve - Everything you have heard understates his greatness.

  14. Warne is nothing....Martin Brodeur, the greatest goalie in National Hockey League history, shagged his wife's brother's wife. Right before the playoffs, where he carried the Devils to the Stanley Cup Championship....the whole time listening to constant heckling about his infidelity.

  15. Steve - Warnie wouldn't even bother turning up without some kind of scandal. He would have shagged both his brother and his brother's wife, taken 12 wickets for bugger all and had the crowd cheering for him the whole time.