Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vote 1 Lermontov for Face!

Ok, Monday I will be creating an online petition for Lermontov to get the job as Face on the A Team movie. No I will not be asking his permission, I mean how could he NOT want that job????? Only problem is he is over qualified as he can aim a weapon, which if you remember the TV series, was not a requirement.

In other news, the wife and I are sending Jennicki all the positive thoughts we can.

It has been a pretty productive weekend for me, got the following done:
  • 2 runs for a total of about 14kms in 30+ weather
  • painted some trim work that I had been meaning to do for a few weeks
  • chucked a couple of old couches and chairs on the nature strip for the council to pick up
  • did some shopping for the week
  • watched the animated clone wars movie

On the Clone Wars, why is it that the spin off cartoon movie is better than all 3 prequels?

Anyway back to watching robotic dinosaurus, I can't bring myself to watch the cricket.

*Edit: Ok, just flicked it onto the cricket and at least we are putting up a fight. MAYBE I can bring myself to watch some more.


  1. Yes - I think everyone who reads Jen's blog is sending her some good chi ATM. Hopefully, the dextrous Boylan will be able to render her situation more tenable.

    And, whilst I did manage to serve my beloved nation via the Infantry Corps; most people believe the greatest service I provided was occaisioned by my resignation.

    Probably the most complex skill that I picked up in the Army was becoming proficient at knotting a bow tie. Please be under no illusions that I was even remotely competent at any of the military stuff!

  2. Forgot to add, the cricket ended up being quite a good game - though not as good as Rog v Nadal

  3. Yes, though while the Kiwis and the umps did their best, in the end Operation Enduring Suck was the winner on the night. We have to be doing this on purpose, noone can be that bad by accident.

  4. It certainly does suck. Lermie a movie star? Why the fuck not?

  5. Such modesty Lerm, that said if the TV series is anything to go by a lack of proficiency may actually be advantageous. Saw the end of the cricket and NZ showed they can almost be as crap as us.

    Dr - I saw your post on this subject and plan to devote some time today to carefully reading it.

    Therbs - See my new poll.

  6. Lerm quite good cricket result, we've been fined fro slow overs!!!

    Naut, yes lerm for faceman!

  7. Lerm, ya know thats whhy they have NCO, ya NOT MEANT to be proofecient at it all, JUST LOOK GOOD