Sunday, February 15, 2009

The ultimate betrayal

I am sitting here watching the cricket and little Sophasaurus.

As is often the case, my mind wanders to the future of my little monster. Will she be the President (we will be a Republic by then sorry Havock), a Policewoman, a Vet or even a serial killer? If she was a serial killer, could I still love her? Yep, probably. So what could she do that would shatter my love for her?

Then it came to me.

The only thing that could break the extraordinary father/daughter bond.

Something that could drive a wedge larger than the pyramids of Giza, between us.

Something worse than supporting Collingwood.

Worse than becoming a Vegan or a nun.

Worse even than dating an English bloke.

She could barrack for the Kiwis in the cricket.


  1. Or worse still... barrack for the All Blacks.

    *shudders* *Shakes head to clear it of the thought*

    Many trips to the side of the mountain may be required.

  2. If she barracked for both the All Black, Black Caps, Tall Blacks and the Ferns (netball?) then it would she would be dropped on the mountain and not picked up again.

  3. Just let uncle Moko send her All Black merchandise. lol. She'd look adorable in a footy shirt and cap.

    I would support the nun thing if it was me.

  4. It would be a fate worse than death! Thankfully they lost - albeit by one run - but a loss all the same.

    My youngest brother was born across the ditch - so I've always had reservations about his character!

  5. I have tried my best to get my daughter to support the Poms, being a Pom myself but my wife being a devout aussie has already converted her....poor girl, but I will be damned if I will let my son go down that road. when we get the Ashes back this year!

  6. So I suppose marrying a Kiwi cricketer or footballer wouldn't be the best idea either?

  7. That's like a family from Chicago having a...a...
    (deep breath, YD. You can type it. Steady on lad) (Siiiighh)


    ...Green Bay Packers fan. Ugh, I feel so dirty now!

  8. Uamada and Stu - I am not too concerned about her supporting the Poms, she might have been premature but there is no evidence of brain damage.

    Moko - By all means send her a jumper, I need a new car cleaning rag.

    Lerm - Is there some kind of exorsism for that?

    DD - She can marry'em alright, she just can't support their on-field efforts.

    YD - Exactly like that only on a National scale.

  9. Sadly no - I believe Euthanasia would probably be the kindest option

  10. Be strong my friend, perform your duty and one day the world will thank you (your brother won't but that's his fault for not hanging on until your Mum got back to Aus).

  11. It must have been a dark day indeed for you to even contemplate such criminal activity Naut.
    A very dark day indeed.

  12. Nah the BLACKCAPSLOCK aren't much of a worry, they only get on top of us once every ten years or so. The ABs are going to be better than us nine seasons out of ten because they care more about it, so plenty more prospects for pain if they start backing the Black. Then again you are in AFL country so you're pretty secure.

    I'm up excrement creek without a flotation device. My kids will probably either grow up to be New Zealanders or Queenslanders.

  13. YD, Naut underestimates the Chicago/Green Bay rivalry. As far as we're concerned, it is national. The idea of my daughters cheering for the Packers is a very real horror, since all my in-laws are in Wisconsin. But, I trained them young. They both know the NY Rangers suck, the Green Bay Packers suck, and so help me God if either of them even think about attending the University of Georgia, I will cut the offending daughter out of the will.

  14. Therbs - Sometimes as a parent you have to go there to be prepared.

    Doc - Yeah the ABs aren't a big worry down here, although I have a Canadian mate that loves his rugby so I will have to keep an eye on his influence. I feel for you, but with your guidence I am confident your kids can navigate that particular minefield.

    Steve - Sorry i said National, I meant International. That said I respect your struggle and again am confident with your guidence your girls will follow the correct path.