Friday, February 13, 2009

Could I turn to the dark side, sales?

I recently got offered an opportunity to take on an account management type role at one of our suppliers. It would be potentially more money, would involve a manageable amount of travel, would be relatively easy as it is more relationship building than technical stuff.

The problem is that at the end of the day it is a sales role. I think I would have an advantage due to my technical skill as customers will see me as a value add to their business and so will take my recommendations on purchases more seriously.

There are two major downsides that are concerning me:
  1. If I resign I may miss out on a potentially substantial redundancy sometime in the near future.
  2. In this economic climate, do I want to take a risk to earn more when a chunk of those earnings will come from commission?

On the plus side it would give me an excuse to replace my car and I have my eye on a 2004 Subaru Liberty GT Wagon.

Hmmm, better get the input of the Good Lady Naut on this one.


  1. Nooooooooooooo!!!

    Use the Force for good not evil.

    Haven't you been reading Dilbert? If not go and read the latest Dilbert (go back about a week or so), and then decide.

  2. I would recommend taking any job where commission is a big part of your salary, unless it's in a recession-proof industries such as porn and sex toys, and maybe first-person shooter video games.

  3. Sales Rep(tile)s (well the ones that achieve their budgets) are going to last longer than the rest of us when the revolution comes. All companies will keep trying to generate business until their last dying breath. In my game (printing) sales positions are the only ones still being advertised.
    And I think that in order to get a tax benefit from your car it needs to be newer than 5 years old, so you have an excuse to get a 2009 one.

  4. mmmmmmmmm FPS's.

    Dude, sales is a bastard of a job. The potential for mass awesomeness is there, but she's a fairly cut-throat thing and THAT'S just between you and the boss.

    Can you talk to someone already doing it?.

    If you know your shit, do it, but have a Plan B. Sales is as much about bullshit as it is about knowledge. You've gotta be EVERYONE'S mate. Some days that's hard.

  5. For sure, get the Lady's opinion first! ;)

  6. What sort of industry are you in? That would probably be the determining influence ATM.

    The relationship side of selling could be difficult to create ATM - which is only a problem if you don't already have the contacts.

    I've been in sales for a while now - mainly because I'm completely unskilled - & I quite like it. If one didn't like it - it would be pretty rooted.

    Hanging on for the redundancy must be tempting!

  7. Talk to Good Lady Naut, see how she feels about it all first, then go where your insticts tell you to go. You'll probably find deep down you already know the answer.

  8. Shit....I meant recommend AGAINST. Commission sales when sales are down is a horrible way of making a living.

  9. It is an account management job, but the key to managing accounts seems to be getting them to spend more.

    Lerm - It is I.T. in the Automotive industry, both of whitch have been smacked pretty hard by our current economic woes. I actually don't had the thought of sales as I know what to sell them that will actually help their business.

    Problem is if I do get made redundant I wouldn't have to work for 6 months so it is pretty tempting to wait for.

  10. say and this is my opinion is to ride the current storm at the place your at now and just see what happens in the future seeing as everything is so unpredictable or do you just take a chance and go for it!

  11. Naut, the one thing i can guarantee is that your good lasdy wife would ensure you'd be working sooner that six months!!!

    my advice is to try and avoid sales in this climate but if the basic is good and you KNOW redundancy is on the card sometimes it's better to jump.

  12. Been there, done that. It's shit. Don't.

    Actually it's not that bad, but I got jack of every minute of every day and every conversation with every customer inevitably having to turn a profit. Not mercenary enough to enjoy that, or the competition aspect. But to each their own.

  13. I think that Raymond Chandler said to always follow the money...

    Probably just as relevant today.

  14. Legacy GT wagon though... hmmm. Merc' me up.

    Allegedly the 3.0R Spec B is more useful in real life (sucks less fuel, cheaper insurance)... but GT all the way.