Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winning Super 7s OzLotto numbers are.....

Ok Chaz, Havock and GuruBob, I got us a Systems 9 entry for $39.25 for tonights draw at 7.45pm (I think).

The winning numbers will come from the following 9 numbers:

2 7 16 19 22 26 34 35 38

I won't say anything about luck, 'cause we don't need any.

Now should I buy my villa on the French Riviera or the Amalfi Coast?


  1. My francophile bias would lead me to advise you to buy a nice apartment or renovated house in Cannes followed by a large apartment on the Ave de Victor Hugo in the 16th Arrondisment.

    Me? I was thinking about a boutique winery in the Hunter...with an aparmtent overlooking lavender bay of course..with C-BUS

  2. It's because i wouldn't let you have an icecream isn't it therbs?

  3. With a quarter share of Division 10 you should be able to pick up a nice place out Woomera way. Some old detention centres going cheap!

  4. You need a place where you can park Saddam's boat. They have taken it back to Iraq. Couldn't sell it so the may be up for a bit of bargaining.

  5. Yep. I was looking forward to one of those deliciously creamy exotic Splice things. Now all I have to look forward to is a rapidly diminishing bottle of bourbon in an hour or so.
    Yeah, that'll be just fine.

  6. You blokes really do need to get ya shit together. The standard is as follows.

    1. I must be able to walk out the fron door onto the verandah and pull the trigger on somfin FUCKING LARGE and have the bullet land on MY PROPERTY. I must alo be able to walk out the back door onto the board walk or Jetty and proceed to Kill ducks on MY ALL YEAR ROUND SWAMP., Grapes on the east slopes, cattle on the west, woodlands and scrub all around but set back from the 700m arc of manicured lawns and grounds that permeants the balance of THE PONDEROSSA.

  7. fuck i should check shit first.

  8. 2 numbers wins it doesn't it??????

    Oh shit, better go suck up to the boss and ask for my job back and cancel the order for the Lambo.


  9. You did better than me. At least you got two numbers in the same game. I got two numbers, one each in different games.

    Ah well, back to the salt mine.

  10. Definitely the Amalfi Coast. Can I be your translator? I think you should look into the property being Positano, myself.

  11. Is it too late for me to get on the action, I'd hate to have to watch you guys sail off to the French Riviera while I have to go to work.

    When was the draw?

    Oh I see

    well count me in on the next one.

    I don't expect to win, just couldn't stand to watch you if you did and I wasn't a part of it.

  12. The neighbour saw my lotto ticket on the table and asked me to put it away - she said that it reeked of desperation! Bitch!!!

  13. Kapow!!! She got you a beauty there Lermie.