Monday, February 23, 2009

Church of Shane Warne update

Exciting news, the Church now has a Facebook group.

I have no idea how to post links to Facebook groups, so just log into Facebook and search The Church of Shane Warne.


  1. I shot an idea past Lerm about producing portable Warne altars/chapels, but I will have to insist on 50% of the profits since it was my idea. (An agnostic when it comes to Warneism)

  2. Great idea, but the good people have beaten you to it.

    See the VB Warnie Doll here .

    They would make an excellent altar to worship at.

  3. I normally don't like quoting movie but in this case it seems extremely just.

    "He's not the messiah! He's just a very naughty boy!"

    (Monty Python's Life of Brian.)

  4. A facebook account creates operational security issues with the fairer sex - so sadly I cannot commune with greatness via that medium. Rest assured that he is continually in my thoughts and that I rarely make a decision before consulting my WWWD (What Would Warnie Do) bracelet.

    And the reason that he can't be the messiah is that would refer to the son of God i.e. Warne's eldest son. There is no trinity with Warne - just the best and blondest!

  5. Faux blondest!!!

    Peroxide be upon them!

  6. Don't forget the prayer rugs either!

    (I thought of that one too...I want 1/2 of the profits, and don't try to talk me out of it. ;) )

  7. DD - Yes.

    Lerm - The Facebook group is more directed to those that have not yet seen the light and so not really required for someone with your level of devotion. I never quite got the holy trinity thing, I always saw it as something like me, myself and I.

    Doanli - It pains me to see you stray so far from the flock and abuse Warnes most precious and expensive attribute, his hair. Knowing Warnie's reputation, you should probably make prayer rugs plastic coated for easy cleaning.

  8. You are infidel! I spit on your Shane Warne!

    You must follow the One True Path-Roger Clemens! You and your crusading Warnists will surely burn in the Pit of the Thousand Fires for your ways!

    Did Warnie have steroid issues like the ones our baseball guys seem to fall into?

  9. Roger Clemens, bah! He played in the poorly named World Series, at least Warnie played in and won almost single handedly a true World Cup.

    No steriods for Warnie which is clearly obvious just from looking at him. What is less obvious is he did get suspended for taking a banned dieretic he got from his Mum.

  10. I haven't seen a pic of Warnie lately. Has he put on a few kilos? Pull up a picture of Prince Fielder from the Milwaukee Brewers. No 'roids there-that body is courtesy of not missing the post-game buffet.

  11. It was never made clear whether Warnie's mum and Alex Rodriguez' cousin had any connection.

    To his credit, Warnie laughed off any suggestions that the diuretics would improve his performance - he just said they were taking the piss.

    When Clemens gets strung up by the authorities, he ain't getting out of that cave inside three days.

  12. It just gets worse and worse I can't believe the drivel your talking!

    Now a church to Andrew Flintoff or Kevin Pieterson would be the one to follow!

  13. Yankeedog, we have better than Roger Clemens on our team! :)

    I'd offer up A-Rod, but he's more like A-Roid from what I gather in the news these days.

    Bastards. At least it doesn't lead to any spare tires like Warne (PBUH)